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Finally…after 25 years…THANKS Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel!

Posted on by Kay Rodewald

It all started when I received an e-mail from Jason at the Manitowoc-Two Rivers  Visitor and Convention Bureau asking, “Would you have a room available for a travel writer?  Below is his desired information. Let me know. Thanks. Jason”  In the past, I have hosted travel writers and was lucky to maybe get mentioned in the last line of the last paragraph.


Brian Clark, a travel writer for the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel arrived.  At breakfast he had asked me several questions about the history and architecture of the house.  Then he was off to see more attractions in the area.  One week later, the article was published in the May 29th issue of the Sunday edition featuring the Red Forest.


I was totally surprised to see that the entire article was about the Red Forest.


Interesting things happen when you have an article published.  I heard from past guests and innkeepers that I haven’t seen or talked with for a long time.  Of course lots of people calling for reservations because they saw the article. (Which is good!)  I even had a guy in the military in Afghanistan call for a gift certificate for his parents.  He said that his mother sends him interesting articles from the newspaper, and ours was one of them.


In the words of Elvis:   ”Thank You, Thank You Very Much!”


Kay Rodewald

Red Forest Bed and Breakfast

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Where and When do Innkeepers go on Vacation?

Posted on by Kay Rodewald

Cruise Vacation 2016

This is a question I often get from our guests.  Since summer is our busy time, we usually try to get away in the winter time – always seeking out a warm and sunny climate.


We just returned from this year’s vacation, which was a cruise to the Eastern Caribbean on the Holland America ship the Westerdam. We visited the Grand Turks islands first.   We sat on the beach, soaked up the sun, and admired the beautiful blue water of the Caribbean.  From there we docked at San Juan, Puerto Rico and walked the “Old Town”.  The next port was St. Thomas.  There we took an excursion where we kayaked the mangrove lagoons, hiked the wildlife preserve, and snorkeled a marine sanctuary. Then on Saturday, when we got off the ship, we had time to kill before our flight.  We took a bike tour with the Bumble Bee Bike Tours of Ft. Lauderdale,  the “Venice of Florida” and saw Las Olas Blvd., the New River walkway, and the high rent neighborhoods with the mega yacht.  We had a beautiful  weather the whole trip and came back rested and renewed.


Since we’ve been back, I was thinking, “What type of excursions would people do here in our Manitowoc-Two Rivers area if a cruise ship docked in our port?”  Here is a list of things I came up with:

1.  We actually do have our own cruise ship that docks in Manitowoc.  The S.S. Badger Carferry sails daily during the Summer from Ludington , MI to Manitowoc, WI.  Not quite a “cruise ship”, but it is a fun cruise of Lake Michigan. (www.ssbadger.com)

2.  Enjoy our beautiful beach at Neshotah Park in Two Rivers.  It’s the place to be on a hot summer day.

3.  Stroll through our downtowns and enjoy our local history museums.  The Historic Washington House, The Hamilton Woodtype Museum, Rahr West Art Museum, and the Wisconsin Maritime Museum.

4.  Rent kayaks and paddle the East & West Twin Rivers or the Manitowoc River.  Rentals are available at Shipwreck Adventures (www.shipwreckadventures.com) in Two Rivers or the Manitowoc Marina (www.manitowoc-marina.com) in Manitowoc.  Sample a taste of our own Eco Tourism!

5.  Rent bikes and explore the Mariners Trail and the Rawley Point Trail.  Enjoy the scenic views of Lake Michign and Point Beach State Park.  


This is amazing!!!  I can do everything here that we did on our trip to the Caribbean.  Why would I ever leave home again?  I will admit, a long winter does have something to do with leaving Wisconsin.  Why not come and visit us this summer and enjoy all that we have to offer in our  Manitowoc-Two Rivers area?  Checkout the calendar of events at www.manitowoc.info for special events and activities in our area all summer long. Join us and “Coast For A While”

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Red Forest Kitchen Renovation Completed !!!

Posted on by Kay Rodewald

Completed kitchen at the Red Forest Bed and Breakfast

The last contractor finished this past Thursday.  We started unpacking the boxes, filling the cupboards,  and welcomed our first guests on Friday afternoon.  Breakfast was served for the first time from the new kitchen on Saturday, April 18.   48 days from start to finish.  Special thank you to  Lakeshore Heating and Sheet Metal, Dale Zipperer for the after hour fix of the gas pipe configuration and to Schnell Electric for fitting me in their schedule for the final hook-ups.  It was greatly appreciated!  Since this was the first time that we have ever done such a big project, I’ve learned that there will be delays beyond your control, but if you try to line everyone up ahead of time to get on their schedule, things will go a lot smoother.  Thanks also to Dan’s Plumbing for installing the farmhouse sink and my beautiful Kohler faucet. (Which my husband will never know how much I paid for it).  A few more final decorating touches  and we are done.

I love my new kitchen and would love to show you how we were able to bring a 108 year old kitchen back to life.  Give us a call at 1-888-250-2272 or you can book online at www.redforestbb.com          Hope to see you soon!

Kay Rodewald

Jason De Noyer and John Ewald, carpenters from De Noyer Woodworking, Manitowoc, WI


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Things are Happening!

Posted on by Kay Rodewald

This past week the work continues…

Glass doors installed; counter top templated for  soapstone counters; hardware knobs installed on doors; woodwork around door and windows started as well as baseboard.


Glass doors added

Recreating the wainscotting and baseboard trim







The soapstone counter is coming from The Granite Company in Green Bay, WI.  www.thegraniteco.com   They came to template the counters on Thursday, and on Friday I went up to Green Bay to look at where the templates would be placed on the stone for layout.  I’m really excited to see the finished product in my kitchen .  It will be installed on Wednesday.


The Granite Company Green Bay WI

Template layout for counters on soapstone

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The Renovation Continues…

Posted on by Kay Rodewald

It’s been 31 days since the start of the kitchen renovation.  Things are progressing?  Things are progressing!  Things are progressing…

Old and new cupboards going back in

To date the floor has been refinished, the cabinet frames are re-installed, the trim work has been started and the microwave and sink are in place.  Today, they are working on installing the doors on the cupboards and the dishwasher was delivered.


     Needless to say, things are still a mess, and there is still a lot of work to do. The guys are working really hard and doing a great job. We are hoping that everything will be close to completion by April 15. Stay tuned.

Whitehaven Kohler Kitchen sink, Frigidaire Gallery Microwave

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Our New 108-Year-Old Kitchen

Posted on by Kay Rodewald

We are at it again…totally renovating another room at the Red Forest!  This room has been pushed aside for a long time, mainly because it is not one of the rooms that the guests use. So after 25 years of operating as a bed and breakfast, the cook and innkeeper get a new kitchen.  That’s me!!!  I am thrilled that we finally decided to go ahead with the project.


I have been planning it in my head for several years, knowing exactly what I would like to have incorporated in this new kitchen. First and foremost it needed to be designed  to the period of the house which was built in 1907. (The current kitchen was redone in the late 60′s or 70′s.) We have original blueprints which shows where the actual butler’s and maid’s pantry  were located, and also where the white marble lined sink was.  We also hoped that there might have been an original wood floor in the kitchen.

The late 60's-70's kitchen


In January, we contacted John De Noyer of De Noyer Woodworking, Manitowoc, WI

( www.denoyers.com).  We talked about the list of things I wanted to have incorporated in this new- old looking  kitchen. 1.  I wanted the cupboards to go all of the way to the top of the ceiling.  2.  I thought we could use the frames of the old cupboards to save some money because the layout was going to be the same.  3. I wanted the doors and drawers of the cupboards to be flush mounted with legs on the bottom. 4. I would like to have a soapstone counter top and a farmhouse sink,  5. and a wood floor!  The more I talked, the more John was understanding what I was trying to achieve, and said, “We can do that!”.  Then we decided to go a little further and replicate woodwork, wainscoting, and baseboards.


They started on March 2.  They removed all of the cupboards and took them to his shop where they will be adding a top bank of cupboards with glass doors and refacing the old .  After that, they will  paint and return.

The cupboards are removed

Original Maple Floor






On March 11 – March 16, our super fantastic wood floor guy

Joe Hauser, Simply Hardwood, Manitowoc, WI (www.simplyhardwoodfloorsmanitowoc.com) did his magic. Under three layers of linolium and one layer of partical board, we found the original maple floor.  Check out the before and after pictures.  It is amazing how he was able to bring this 108 years old floor back to life.  I would highly recommend Joe for any of your wood floor needs.







That is all I have to report for now. Check back soon for another update on the kitchen. During the renovation, the Red Forest will be closed.  We will hopefully be ready to re-open by April 12.  We would love to take your reservations for this spring and summer by either online from our website at www.redforestbb.com or phone 920-793-1794.


Kay Rodewald, Red Forest Bed and Breakfast, Two Rivers, WI





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Red Forest B&B on the WBBA Directory Cover for 2015 & 2016

Posted on by Kay Rodewald

What a nice surprise!!!  This past November at the Wisconsin Bed and Breakfast Association convention Kris Ullmer called my name and unveiled the cover picture of the new WBBA Directory for 2015 & 2016. It is a picture of our foyer and stairway looking from the front door.  The funny part is when our photographer Greg from Paramount Pixels took the picture, I said, “Greg, I think that is the “Money Shot”, and I was right.  It is truly an honor to be selected to represent such a wonderful organization of Wisconsin innkeepers.  If you would like a copy of the 2015 & 2016 WBBA Directory check out your nearest visitor information center or request a copy at info@WisconsinBandB.com

Red Forest Bed and Breakfast on WBBA Directory Cover for 2015 & 2016



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A New Purchase at the Red Forest

Posted on by Kay Rodewald

We recently bought ” two sets” . . .

Two sets of what?

2 TV sets? – No – We have flat screen cable TV’s and DVD players in every guest room plus a 40″ flatscreen in the common area.


2 sets of sheets or towels? – No – Not this time.  Even though I am constantly upgrading the linens.


2 sets of dishes - No -I have plenty of those.


It’s a very important part of every bed and breakfast.  Without it, you only have “breakfast”.  Did you guess?


Yes,  we bought 2 new sets of matresses from Verlo Matress Company, in Manitowoc, WI.


I felt since the bed is half of the “B&B Experience” , I needed to make sure they are all top notch comfort.  In our 24 years of operation, all of our matresses have been replaced.  Do other B&B’s replace their matresses?  I’m not sure, you might want to ask .  This is our way of assuring our guests that they will be sleeping like a king and queen.


We would like to invite you to stay and see for yourself when I say, “Experience the Charm, Feel the Difference”


Call me at 888-250-2272 or go to our website at www.redforestbb.com to make a reservation online.

See you soon,

Kay & Alan

Red Forest Bed and Breakfast

Two Rivers, WI

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Riding With Friends

Posted on by Kay Rodewald

Rawley Point Light House Point Beach State Park

We took the last bike ride of the season along the Rawley Point Bike Trail with our good friends Ken & Carol Sitkiewitz, Ken Krueger and my husband Alan.  This was our first bike ride with our long time friends on a beautiful, crisp, fall day.  After stopping at the Rawley Point Lighthouse for a photo opt,  we headed to Port Sandy Bay for pizza and a beer where we joined our other friends Fred & Carol Thomas, and Barb KruegerPort Sandy Bay is conveniently located a short distance from the bike trail.  As usual, we had a great afternoon with our friends and look forward to the next time we get together.  Aren’t “Good Friends”a true blessing of life!  Thanks guys, we love you!

Biking with Friends



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The First Blooms of Spring …

Posted on by Kay Rodewald

To me the First Blooms of Spring is like the “First Gift of Christmas”.  This has been a  unusually cool spring which has put everything in my flower garden at least two weeks behind .  This is June 20, and my Lilacs  are still in full bloom. The beautiful aroma  of the Lilac flowers as you walk past the bush  makes me stop for another smell.  I said to my husband Alan, “I think this is what Heaven smells like”.   Typically, because of our location,  being close to Lake Michigan also helps to delay our season.  I’m guessing a few warm days will get everything in full bloom.   

If flowers and flower gardens are your thing,  stop by at the Red Forest Bed and Breakfast to see my garden.  Also check out the beautiful West of the Lake Gardens in Manitowoc.  This 6 acre estate of the late Ruth and John West was created in 1934 and features rose garden, Japanese sunken and formal gardens with more than 900 feet of herbaceous borders with colorful annuals.  The garden is located along Lake Michigan’s coastline and the Mariners Trail.  Sit back and

    “Coast for awhile”


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